An educational scheme of work has been created for nursery and early years primary school pupils as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations this summer for S4C’s children’s service Cyw.

Commissioned by S4C and written and designed by Carmarthen-based educational resources company Canolfan Peniarth, the educational pack is available online at for Welsh-language and English-language primary teachers and nursery group leaders throughout Wales.

The colourful fun-filled pack has been designed in conjunction with the curriculum‘s Early Years Foundation Phase Framework and is packed with original and relevant activities. The S4C Cyw work scheme develops literacy and numeracy skills, encouraging young pupils to work independently and develop creativity. Alongside the scheme of work, activity sheets are available in PDF format online.

Party packs also been sent to every primary school and nursery group in Wales so that they cancelebrate the birthday.

S4C Content Commissioner, children’s programmes, Sioned Wyn Roberts said, "We are delighted to be launching this educational Scheme of Work to coincide with the Cyw anniversary celebrations. It is certain to add to the enjoyment of S4C children's programmes for all nursery children and early years pupils speaking or learning to speak Welsh. It is truly the icing on the birthday cake!"

Director of Canolfan Peniarth, Gwydion Wynne said, “the commission has been an amazing opportunity to work alongside S4C to celebrate one of their flagship characters by authoring fun education Welsh language content for children aged 2-5 in various educational settings across Wales and raising awareness of Cyw within the home.”

Assistant Headteacher at Ysgol y Dderwen primary school, Carmarthen, Llio Dyfri Jones, who has consulted with the Peniarth Centre in designing this Scheme of Work said, “Cyw has now been prominent on our television screens , computers and tablets in school for a decade, but since this year is such a special birthday, we thought it would be lovely to make Cyw a more central part of class life. This is why we have created a scheme of work incorporating common areas in schools and nursery groups with activities focused around Cyw and friends. We have suggested ideas based on a range of educational experiences and activities to suit children aged 2 to 5 and matched these to the Foundation Phase profile. In addition to the scheme of work, there are ready-made sheets and activities - some including little or no language so that they are suitable for use in schools throughout Wales whatever the language of instruction.”   

Teacher Kiri Thomas said, “There has been a great deal of excitement in the school since the resource pack arrived - especially as Cyw sent all the children a personal invitation, and because the invitations were sent to their homes it’s also raised awareness of this important celebration amongst parents. The children are very excited - with no prompting they have started to create cards and make decorations, and they are really looking forward to 5th of July.”