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Developing a new, innovative App to assess children's literacy levels and to support the development of Welsh spelling within the new Curriculum for Wales 2022

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth has developed a new innovative app for the education sector in Wales that aims to support teachers in developing 5 - 16 year old pupils' literacy skills, and to ensure that they succeed in the Language, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning within the new Curriculum for Wales 2022.

The Aur am Air app, which assesses the literacy levels of pupils of all ages, primary and secondary, introduces pupils to a variety of games and activities that are carefully designed, specifically to develop their spelling skills in Welsh. The app contains a diagnostic test which is presented to pupils as they open up the app for the first time. Depending on the results of the test, the App tailors the activities and games to ensure that their content is appropriate to the level of ability and skills of the pupil.

Following receiving funding from the Welsh Government to develop the App, Canolfan Peniarth worked with teachers and language specialists across Wales, additional learning needs specialists in particular, to ensure that the app could also be used to support learners who would sometimes struggle to recognise and learn letter and word sounds in Welsh.

Nanna Ryder is a Cross Curricular Additional Learning Needs Senior Lecturer with the Athrofa at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and worked closely with Canolfan Peniarth as part of the authoring team for the App. Nanna Ryder said, “After months of planning for the App, I am delighted to see it now available to teachers and pupils. It includes a range of engaging games and activities for pupils of all ages, and ability, and can be used to support work already done in the classroom and also to promote independent learning”.

The App was recently launched at a special event in Ysgol Bro Teifi - the first purpose-built Welsh Medium all-through School (3 - 18 years) to be built in Wales. Ysgol Bro Teifi worked closely with Peniarth to trial the App with pupils of all ages during the development process.

Gwydion Wynne, Director of Canolfan Peniarth said “This App is one of the first of its kind available in Welsh, in terms of providing an opportunity for pupils of all ages to develop their literacy skills through games and activities that have been specifically tailored to their level of ability. We are delighted to have received support from the Welsh in Education Resources Branch, within the Welsh Government to develop the App and to have worked with experts across Wales”.

Aur am Air is the eighth App for Canolfan Peniarth to develop and publish recently for the education sector in Wales and is available free of charge for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. For details of all of Peniarth’s Apps along with their other resources, please visit .

A new resource to develop the imagination of Key Stage 2 learners

, Date Published:

Following recent funding from the Welsh Government's Welsh in Education Resources Branch, Canolfan Peniarth has published a new resource which offers pupils opportunities to present information, ideas and opinions through listening, collaborating and discussing, in order to stimulate their oral skills.

Llun a Thrin is a resource pack containing 30 sets of colourful cards containing images that will give learners the opportunity to interperate what they see, use their imagination and express their opinions. . As well as containing a collection of various images, Llun a Thrin offer teachers ideas for discussion and discussion questions.

Cerys Gruffydd, Headteacher of Ammanford Primary School, who collaborated with Peniarth to trial the resource with their pupils in the development process, said: “It's always nice to have a new Welsh medium resource, such as Llun a Thrin.  It feeds the literacy skills framework perfectly. Although targeted for developing literacy skills, it offers opportunities to develop thinking skills and group discussion skills. The practical activities can be done under the guidance of a teacher, assistant teacher, or independently, and all the skills that come from it are very valuable ”.

The resource has been funded by the Welsh Government and authoured by Bethan Clement and Non ap Emlyn, who are very experienced in creating and developing appealing and popular resources for the education sector in Wales. Canolfan Peniarth Director, Mr Gwydion Wynne said, “We are delighted to be able to announce Llun a Thrin, and to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the authors Bethan Clement and Non ap Emlyn once again, following funding from the Welsh Government. The resource looks great, and it is rich in content, providing multiple opportunities to stimulate various discussions with pupils. The feedback from the tiralling stages has been excellent, and we now look forward to seeing the response of pupils and schools in school classrooms across Wales following its publication ”.

In addition to the print resource, Canolfan Peniarth has developed a range of interactive online activities to support the resource.  These materails are available for free on HWB, the Welsh Government’s digital platform for learning and teaching in Wales.

Llun a Thrin is available to purchase from Canolfan Peniarth’s website, or from your local bookshop for £14.99. 

UWTSD student illustrates new story book for Canolfan Peniarth

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth, University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s publishing house, is to publish a new story book, Nature’s Nasties by renowned author, Carol Barratt, which has been illustrated by student Ocean Hughes.

Ocean Hughes is studying BA Illustration at the University’s Swansea College of Art, and specialises in children’s book illustration.  Having made an impact on staff during a work experience period at Canolfan Peniarth, Ocean was commisioned by Peniarth to illustrate a new story book.

Authoured by Carol Barratt, and translated to Welsh by renowned poet, author and UWTSD lecturer, Professor Mererid Hopwood, Nature’s Nasties and in Welsh, Natur ych a fi, includes ten factual short stories for young children.  Set in the Gower Peninsula the stories feature many fun and playful wildlife characters that will capture children’s imagination.

Gwydion Wynne, Canolfan Peniarth Director said, “Nature’s Nasties is the second book that Peniarth has published with author Carol Barratt.  Ocean introduced herself to us after meeting Peniarth at the Swansea college of Art’s Design Week. Her style immediately struck us as being a perfect match for Carol’s new book which had arrived with us not long previously. We were extremely pleased with her initial illustration ideas and character designs for the stories, they were above and beyond what we expected.  We sent them on to Carol, and together, decided to give Ocean the commission.  The quality of Ocean’s work is truly fantastic. She brings these fun and factual stories and characters to life.  Every time you read the book, you find something new in the detailed and whimsical illustrations, we are very excited with the whole publication.”

UWTSD Student, Ocean Hughes always knew she wanted to be an artist from a very young age.  She said “I remember spending hours looking at pictures in books when I was young, trying to get a sense of what it would be like to one day see my own pictures in print.  Looking at the book now. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and extremly proud of the work”.

Derek Bainton is the Head of School of Graphic and Digital Arts at UWTSD where Ocean is studying for her degree.  He said, “The BA Illustration programme at Swansea College of Art has long-established, strong links with Canolfan Peniarth, with our students and graduates having worked on a number of live, paid commissions in both Welsh and English over the years. This relationship is an immensely valuable one for our students and our academic team. Ocean Hughes' illustrations for Nature's Nasties are wonderfully warm and original and are a perfect match for Carol Barratt's rich narrative non-fiction writing style. Ocean's commitment to this picture book and her wider studies has been exceptional, and we wish both Ocean, Carol and Nature's Nasties every success.”

Nature’s Nasties will be launched at Swansea College of Art on 6th of December, with a special lecture for students with author Carol Barratt and Professor Mererid Hopwood taking place at 11am and an exhibition of Ocean’s illustration work and designs for the book.

The books will be available to purchase from local book shops from 1st of December onwards, and from Peniarth’s online shop,

Scheme of Work devised to mark children’s service birthday

, Date Published:

An educational scheme of work has been created for nursery and early years primary school pupils as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations this summer for S4C’s children’s service Cyw.

Commissioned by S4C and written and designed by Carmarthen-based educational resources company Canolfan Peniarth, the educational pack is available online at for Welsh-language and English-language primary teachers and nursery group leaders throughout Wales.

The colourful fun-filled pack has been designed in conjunction with the curriculum‘s Early Years Foundation Phase Framework and is packed with original and relevant activities. The S4C Cyw work scheme develops literacy and numeracy skills, encouraging young pupils to work independently and develop creativity. Alongside the scheme of work, activity sheets are available in PDF format online.

Party packs also been sent to every primary school and nursery group in Wales so that they cancelebrate the birthday.

S4C Content Commissioner, children’s programmes, Sioned Wyn Roberts said, "We are delighted to be launching this educational Scheme of Work to coincide with the Cyw anniversary celebrations. It is certain to add to the enjoyment of S4C children's programmes for all nursery children and early years pupils speaking or learning to speak Welsh. It is truly the icing on the birthday cake!"

Director of Canolfan Peniarth, Gwydion Wynne said, “the commission has been an amazing opportunity to work alongside S4C to celebrate one of their flagship characters by authoring fun education Welsh language content for children aged 2-5 in various educational settings across Wales and raising awareness of Cyw within the home.”

Assistant Headteacher at Ysgol y Dderwen primary school, Carmarthen, Llio Dyfri Jones, who has consulted with the Peniarth Centre in designing this Scheme of Work said, “Cyw has now been prominent on our television screens , computers and tablets in school for a decade, but since this year is such a special birthday, we thought it would be lovely to make Cyw a more central part of class life. This is why we have created a scheme of work incorporating common areas in schools and nursery groups with activities focused around Cyw and friends. We have suggested ideas based on a range of educational experiences and activities to suit children aged 2 to 5 and matched these to the Foundation Phase profile. In addition to the scheme of work, there are ready-made sheets and activities - some including little or no language so that they are suitable for use in schools throughout Wales whatever the language of instruction.”   

Teacher Kiri Thomas said, “There has been a great deal of excitement in the school since the resource pack arrived - especially as Cyw sent all the children a personal invitation, and because the invitations were sent to their homes it’s also raised awareness of this important celebration amongst parents. The children are very excited - with no prompting they have started to create cards and make decorations, and they are really looking forward to 5th of July.”

Canolfan Peniarth works with one of Wales’ most popular author, Manon Steffan Ros

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth has launched a new series of children's story books, which have been authored by renowned authors, including Manon Steffan Ros, who has won several awards for her work.

The aim of the series, Cymeriadau Difyr: Stryd y Rhifau, is to introduce different aspects of numeracy to children in the Foundation Phase, with each book introducing a number as a character, such as Sara Sero, Alun Un, Deio Dau, and Twm Tri. The series was launched at Penybryn Primary School, in Tywyn on March 23, with Manon Steffan Ros hosting a party with the School's children while introducing them to the stories and the characters.

Another of the series’ author is Catrin Evans-Thomas, a lecturer at the University's Welsh Language Services Centre. Catrin was also in charge of managing all the work in the development process on behalf of Canolfan Peniarth. Catrin said, "It's great to see the books now published, and we are very grateful to the Welsh Government's Department for Education and Skills, for commissioning the series to us. It has also been an excellent experience for us to work with a designer like Elena D'Cruze Reynolds, who has succeeded in bringing Manon’s stories and characters alive, and making numeracy appealing to Foundation Phase pupils.

This is the second time for Canolfan Peniarth to work with Manon Steffan Ros on a publication, following the publication of the popular Dau Wyneb drama, back in 2016, and the English adaptation, Two Faces, which are now one of the study dramas listed within the  new GCSE Drama syllabus with WJEC. Gwydion Wynne, Canolfan Peniarth Director, said, "Manon is a natural writer and story teller that can present stories and characters in the most creative and interesting way. It has been a privilege for us at Peniarth to be able to work with her once again, as well as Kiri Thomas and Catrin Evans-Thomas, who are very experienced in publishing educational resources. With already many of the series’ books sold across Wales, we are looking forward to seeing the response to these entertaining and fun characters."

The series' books are available to buy individually for £2.99 each, or £50 for the whole series, from Canolfan Peniarth's online shop.

Traveling to the Middle Ages - Two new history resources for primary children looking at castles and famous people of Wales in the Middle Ages

, Date Published:

On Tuesday, 21 November 2017, Canolfan Peniarth launched two new history packs at Kidwelly Castle with children from Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly and the author, Dr Mererid Hopwood.

The resources have been prepared specifically to help teachers develop learners' knowledge and understanding of everyday life in medieval Wales by looking at famous personalities and castles of the period, and what better place to launch the resource, than in one of the main castles in Wales, Kidwelly Castle.

Authored by Dr Sioned Vaughan Hughes, Dr Russell Grigg and Dr Mererid Hopwood, the Medieval Castles resource pack discuss why and how the castles were built, with an insight to the everyday lives of the people who lived in them , while the Famous Personalities resource pack focuses on the history of Princess Nest, Princess Gwenllian, Gerlad the Great, Llywelyn the Great, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and Owain Glyndŵr.

Mr Gwydion Wynne, Director of Canolfan Peniarth, said, "Both resource packs are extremely interesting, and are full of stories and interesting facts from the period. Most importantly, however, they will be very valuable resources for schools and children, as they contain so many important and significant facts and stories about Wales and our history in a simple and interesting way for children."

During the launch, the children of Ysgol y Castell, Kidwelly had the opportunity to learn about the history of Princess Gwenllian and the local Castle, as well as an opportunity to be crowned by Mererid with a unique crown. This was not a royal crown, but the National Eisteddfod Crown which Mererid won at the Meifod Eisteddfod in 2003.

Both new packages are available to purchase from Canolfan Peniarth’s online shop, or from local bookshops.

Introducing Idwal - the tall tree with tall stories from the Gower!

, Date Published:

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Canolfan Peniarth will be lauinching a children's story book about an interesting character from the Gower, Idwal - the tall tree, by the author Carol Barratt.

All the stories have been set in the beautiful Gower area, where Idwal, the old crack willow tree, tells his stories to the animals that come and go. Carol Barratt was inspired to write the stories from an old tree that stood by a well at the bottom of her garden on the Gower.

The author said, "On the trunk of this tree that I called Idwal, there were knots of wood resembling a face, and I was inspired to write these stories to children about nature characters after watching all the animals that would come and go from the bottom of our garden".

Carol Barratt is an author and an experienced musician who has published over eighty publications for young people, most of them music publications. She is considered as a world leader in the field of music education. Mr Gwydion Wynne said, "It has been a privilege and an honor for us to work with Carol on this special book. She is well-known throughout the world in her field, and we're looking forward to seeing how children will respond to the stories! "

Idwal has been adapted to Welsh by Mererid Hopwood, and is available in English and Welsh from local bookshops. The book will be launched in the company of Mererid and Carol with pupils from Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Brynymor in Swansea, where children will be able to hear some of Idwal's tall stories, and will have the opportunity to be creative themselves in a creative workshop with Mererid.

Peniarth publish two story books on famous Welsh people from the Middle Ages, Nest and Hopcyn ap Tomos

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth have published two story books by Dr Mererid Hopwood, on two famous characters from Wales from the Middle Ages.

The book on Princess Nest takes a look at the life of the Welsh Princess in the Middle Ages, a very troubled period in Wales, while the book on Hopcyn ap Tomos follows the story of creating the famous Llyfr Coch Hergest.

Both books are educational story books for Key Stage 2 children, and are part of the series Travelling back to the Middle Ages’, that Peniarth will publish in September.  In addition to these two books, the series will include activity cards, a teachers guide, as well as online resources that will be available on the Welsh Government’s Hwb website.

More information on the series will be available on Canolfan Peniarth’s website soon;


Caneuon i Bawb – 3 new Music resource packs for the primary sector

, Date Published:

On Thursday June 15, Canolfan Peniarth launched three new music resource packs for children in Wales at a special concert at Ysgol Llangennech in collaboration with the School’s choir, Côr Ysgol Llangennech.

Since January 2016, Côr Ysgol Llangennech have been going back and forth to the local recording studio to record forty five songs for children, all of which have been published by Canolfan Peniarth as part of the new Caneuon i Bawb series.

Caneuon i Bawb includes three albums with songs for primary children, along with three books to accompany them. All songs have been adapted to Welsh by Tudur Dylan Jones and Rhiannon Ifan from the Songs for Everybody series by Out of the Ark Music.

Llangennech School Choir, led by Mr Lewis Richards, who is also a teacher at the school, is a well-known choir across Wales and beyond after winning the BBC Songs of Praise competition in 2015. Since then, the choir has gone from strength to strength and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as events across Wales.

Choir conductor, Mr. Lewis Richards said, "This has been quite a project for us as a choir, and to me as conductor. Learning forty five new songs with the choir, in addition to our other commitments with concerts and so on, has been quite a challenge. The children however, have worked hard throughout the whole process to learn the songs quickly, and it was a great experience for them to record at a professional studio! We're very pleased to have had the opportunity to do the three albums with Canolfan Peniarth, and the CDs sounds great! "

Gruff Ifan, who was Project Managing the project on behalf of Canolfan Peniarth said, "This has been a long and complicated process for us, and we are extremely happy to finally publish these fantastic music resources.  We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with Ysgol Llangennech and the choir.  The children have been very professional throughout the whole process, and the standard of the choir’s voices is unbelievable”.

The Caneuon i Bawb concert was held at the School Hall on 15 June 2017, and a live stream of the whole concert can be watched again on Canolfan Peniarth’s Facebook page.

Further details can be found on Caneuon i Bawb here;

Interactive map of Wales

, Date Published:


Canolfan Peniarth has published an interactive map showing places of historical importance in Wales.

The map looks in particular at 80 various places across Wales, from Castles and abbeys to Water Falls and Canals.  The map provides general information on all these places, while also providing educational interactive activities for all places for children between 7 and 11 years old.  The map is available in Welsh and English.

Click here to visit the interactive map.

UWTSD Film students part of Middle Ages short film productions with Canolfan Peniarth

, Date Published:


Earlier in March this year, students from UWTSD’s BA Film and Visual Culture, and BA New Media Production degrees collaborated with Canolfan Peniarth to create a series of short film clips for a Welsh Government funded educational project that concentrates specifically on the Middle Ages in Wales.

As part of the project, Peniarth is producing two bilingual packs for children 7 to 11 years old, that focuses on two subjects related to Wales between 1063 and 1400, which are castles and famous characters such as Gwenllian, Owain Glyndwr and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd etc.  The packs will include film clips that will provide an opportunity for children to travel back in time to the Middle Ages to see what it was like to live in a castle and to see what it was like to be famous a long time ago, with the students playing a key role in the film production process.

Sian Elin Evans, Multimedia Designer at Canolfan Peniarth said, “The film work was complicated and technical as it had to be done with a green screen background that allows us to add some animation of castles and specific images from the Middle Ages to the clips in the editing process.  When considering all the production involved with the clips, being able to bring experienced film and media students who are familiar with the technical aspects in to the production team was extremely valuable for us. The standard of their film work and their professionalism was great”.

Gareth Smith, Project Manager at Canolfan Peniarth said, “We have received a number of requests from students from different fields of study recently who are looking for work experience opportunities with us, and we always try to accomodate and support them and give them an opportunity to work on commercial projects in the hope that this will enhance their skills and experiences and help them when will be looking for employment once they graduate”.

Dr Brett Aggersberg, a lecturer with the University’s School of Film and Digital Media said, ”this has been a very benifical experience for our students. It has enabled them to practice their lighting, audio, filming, and post-production skills. This project required studio green screen work and editing in Adobe After Effects. The experience has provided students with a real world experience, where they have had to meet the needs of the client and reflect on their position to the creative industries. We look forward to working with Canolfan Peniarth on future projects.”

Both educational packs will be published later on in the year in May, with a launch already organised at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth on 20 May 2017 with one of the authors, Dr Mererid Hopwood, as part of the literature festival, Gŵyl Bedwen Lyfrau.

A new literacy publication to coincide with popular Children’s TV programme

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Boom Plant to publish a new book to coincide with a new series of children’s programme Jen a Jim Pob Dim a’r Cywiadur on S4C.

The book is being launched on 28th of February in Carmarthen’s Atom with children from some local schools as part of Carmarthen’s Welsh Week activities.  During the launch there will be an exclusive opportunity to see the first episode of the Jen a Jim new series that will be aired on S4C later on in March.  Children will also get to meet both Jen and Jim characters, and will have the opportunity to do activities from the book with them.

Jen and Jim a’r Cywiadur will be a fun book that parents can use to help their child to recognise and use letters. The book was developed to coincide with the second popular series of Jen a Jim Pob Dim that is produced by Boom Plant TV company for S4C.

Jen and Jim are very likable characters that form part of S4C’s Cyw popular programmes.  This is one of the first times where an educational resource is produced to coincide with a children’s TV programme that focuses on developing early literacy skills of a child.

Canolfan Peniarth has previously collaborated with S4C on publishing educational resources when in 2016 they published snap and domino cards, reward stickers and the book Beth welwch chi? (What can you see?), that focuses on the development of children’s oral skills in the Foundation Phase.  Canolfan Peniarth Director, Mr Gwydion Wynne said, “We are delighted to cooperate with Boom Plant on this unique publication, which is very exciting for us as it is one of the first times a resource that responds directly to specific teaching elements of the Foundation Phase Framework has been developed to coincide with a TV series.  In developing the book, we have focused on creating a series of fun exercises that children and parents will enjoy responding to.  It is important that parents are aware of the type of activities used in the classroom so that they can support the learning process at home. Being a publisher that produces many books and resources for the education sector in Wales, we are acutely aware of the lack of resources that have been specifically targeted for use with children at home, and we are certain that this resource will help meet the demand from parents, while also supporting Welsh Government's Education Begins At home campaign".

The book includes the Cywiadur element which explains how to phonetically pronounce words in order to enable non Welsh speaking parents to help their child with the activities. Gwydion Wynne said, "A high percentage of children in a number of Welsh medium schools come from non-Welsh speaking homes today. The content of the phonetic element here is therefore crucial to ensure that parents can enjoy the activities with their children while also supporting their child's education, regardless of which language is spoken at home".

Helen Davies, Head of Boom Plant said, "Boom Plant are very proud to have been a partner in this project and pleased that Cyw characters including Jen and Jim reach an audience of children across Wales".

Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C Content Commissioner for Children and Young People Content at S4C, is thrilled that Cyw characters are playing a key a role in children’s education; "To coincide with the new series Jen and Jim a’r Cywiadur, which starts on S4C in March, we are delighted that Canolfan Peniarth has contributed their expertise in the field of education and has developed a quality literacy resource for schools. By working with experts in the field of education, the popular Cyw characters play a central role in a child's early years development, and is part of their everyday lives at home and at school."

Jen and Jim a’r Cywiadur will be published  early March to coincide with the debut of the new Jen and Jim a’r Cywiadur tv series. The book will be available to purchase from local bookstores and from Canolfan Peniarth’s online store, following the launch on 28th of February.

Canolfan Peniarth to sponsor UWTSD Teacher Recruitment Conferences

, Date Published:


Canolfan Peniarth is the main sponsor for University of Wales Trinity Saint David's annual Teacher Recruitment Conferences held at Swansea and Carmarthen campuses this year.

The conferences are organised by the University's Student Services department, and their aim is to provide opportunities for students studying education degrees and teacher training degrees on both Swansea and Carmarthen campuses to receive useful information from Local Education Authorities, Teachers' Unions, Recruitment Agencies and many more, that will support them to find a teaching post once they graduate.

During both conferences students will have leactures from specific guest speakers, as well as an opportunity to visit the recruitment fairs where there will be various agencies exhibiting.  Canolfan Peniarth will have a stand at both fairs in Swansea and Carmarthen, where students will have an opportunity to purchase our books and resources at a discounted price.  Please find details of both conferences below:

Swansea Teacher Recruitment Conference

Date: 11 January 2017

Time:10:30am onwards

Location: Main Hall, Townhill campus


Carmarthen Teacher Recruitment Conference

Date: 12 January 2017

Time: 10:30am

Location: Students Union

Donating books and resources as Christmas gifts to children in Hospitals

, Date Published:

This year, for the first time, Canolfan Peniarth will send some of their books and popular children's resource center to the children's wards in hospitals as part of Hywel Dda Health Charities’ Give a Gift appeal.

As a leading book publisher and educational resources for children in Wales, Canolfan Peniarth has a vast collection of popular publications for children of all ages, some of which have been authored by experienced and well-known authors, including Manon Steffan Ros, Gwenno Davies and Hywel Griffiths, to name only a few. In addition, after forming a working partnership with S4C earlier this year, Peniarth has produced snap cards and dominos and reward stickers with the popular characters from the world of Cyw.

These books and resources will be shared between children's wards at Bronglais, Glangwili and Withybush hospitals as part of Hywel Dda Health Charities’ Give a Gift appeal, in order to ensure a Merry Christmas for children who will be spending Christmas in hospital.

Gwydion Wynne, Canolfan Peniarth Director, "We are pleased to be able to support this special appeal this year. As a parent, I can feel deep sympathy with the families who will have to spend time in hospital over the Christmas period, and I'm confident that these books and resources that we are donating will help entertain the children. Our aim next year is to contact all of the health boards in Wales so that we can donate our books and resources to all children's wards in Wales. "

Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities said, “We are extremely grateful to Canolfan Peniarth for supporting our Give a Gift Christmas appeal. These books and games will be valuable resources to our Play Services Teams at our hospitals, who spend time with children who are awaiting surgery or who are recovering after surgery. Our aim is to entertain children who spend a long time in hospital over Christmas as well as throughout the year, and these resources from Canolfan Peniarth will certainly make the children smile.”

As part of the appeal, the public are also being encouraged to send a gift from a gift list which can be found on amazon, with prices ranging from £ 1 to £ 50. For more details, visit Hywel Dda Health Charities’ website.

S4C Cyw resource pack to be used to introduce Welsh to primary pupils within Welsh Second Language Schools

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth in collaboration with S4C have developed a Cyw education resource to support teachers to introduce the Welsh language to pupils within Welsh second language schools.

Since the publish of the Welsh Cyw educational resources earlier in the year by Canolfan Peniarth, there has been a call from Welsh second language schools for a similar, bilingual resource to support teachers as they look to develop Welsh language skills within Welsh second language schools.

In March 2016, Canolfan Peniarth published a pack of new and original educational resources created using the colourful characters of S4C’s pre-school service, Cyw. The main aim of the resource is to develop oral skills of children from an early age, and has been designed in response to new assessment methods within the Foundation Phase Framework.

The resource pack includes an A3 flip book for teachers, that includes various colourful scenes from the world of Cyw with lesson plans and ideas for various activities to stimulate discussion in the classroom in order to develop and extend children's vocabulary.  In addition, there are snap and dominos cards available as well as Cyw classroom reward stickers.

Canolfan Peniarth Director, Mr Gwydion said, “The feedback to the original Welsh medium resource has been exceptional. Following discussions with numerous teachers at Welsh second language schools across Wales, we have adapted the resource so that it is available in a bilingual format, and so that we can reach a greater audience and develop Welsh language oral skills of learners in Welsh second language schools.

Catrin Phillips, Welsh Second Language Teaching Advisor with Pembrokeshire County Council said, “There is a minimal range of Welsh second language learning resource within the Foundation Phase.  It is therefore very pleasing to see this attractive resource by Canolfan Peniarth, dedicated to Welsh second language.  Non Welsh speaking practitioners will welcome the language support that is also presented in order to gain their confidence.  Certainly there will be great use of this resource within schools developing Welsh language skills within the Foundation Phase.

S4C Chief Executive Ian Jones is thrilled to see the project growing to include second language Welsh schools; “Working with Canolfan Peniarth to introduce Cyw to the classroom was a new step for S4C and I’m very pleased to see the project evolving. The fact that second language Welsh schools have asked to have these resources shows how effective Cyw is in promoting the Welsh language among children from non-Welsh speaking households. There are many resources available already to help non-Welsh speaking families to enjoy Cyw together, but now the character will keep the children company at school too – at the centre of their lives, everyday.”

Canolfan Peniarth will hold training on the resources in collaboration with some local authorities in the new year.  For details on these sessions, please contact Peniarth on 01267 676 772.

Canolfan Peniarth to sponsor Cyw Christmas Show

, Date Published:

Canolfan Peniarth are pleased to announce that we will sponsor this year's Cyw Christmas show, and to celebrate, we will run a competition on our Facebook account, with an opportunity to win a family ticket for one show, at a venue of your choice.

Earlier this year, Canolfan Peniarth published a new resource pack for the Foundation Phase, that is based on the colourful characters from the world of Cyw on S4C.  The resources include the A3 flipbook, Beth welwch chi? for developing and extending children's vocabulary, as well as snap cards and dominos to develop children's numberacy skills, and Reward Stickers for the classroom.

In addition to the resources that have already been published, Canolfan Peniarth are hoping to continue to work with S4C to publish more classroom resources, and are about to launch a bilingual version of the Beth welwch chi? resource.

Gwydion Wynne, Canolfan Peniarth director said "The Cyw shows are very popular shows with thousands of children and families attenfing them all over Wales.  We are delighted to support this year's Christmas show, and look forward to travel the country promoting our Cyw products".

Everyone who will be attending the Cyw shows will receive a information package about the resources, and they will also be available to purchase at some venues.

For details on Cyw's Chrismtas show, click here, and for an opportunity to win a family ticket to one of the shows, please visit our Facebook page for more information.  The competition will begin this week!

A new Welsh second language for year 7 pupils resource to be launched at Urdd camp in Llangrannog

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Canolfan Peniarth will launch a series of new Welsh grammar mats for pupils that study Welsh as a second language in Key Stage 3.  The resource will be officially launched Wednesday morning, 19 November 2016, at the Urdd camp in Llangrannog.

The new resource includes a total of fifty mats which cover different aspects of grammar, with explanations and examples on the front, and activities to reinforce the learning on the back.  This is a digital resource that is available for teachers to download from the Hwb website.

Matiau Gramadeg is the second resource for the Welsh second language secondary sector that Canolfan Peniarth have released in recent months.  Catrin Evans-Thomas, Projects Co-ordinator and Welsh in Education Tutor at Canolfan Peniarth said, “It’s great to be able to publish another Welsh second language resource within only matter of months for the seconday sector.  While the Cardiau Fflach (Flash Cards) resource that was published earlier in the year is a resource to promote and develop the use of Welsh across the curriculum with learners of Welsh as a second language, the Matiau Gramadeg resource that we are launching today have been created with the aim of developing learners’ grammatical skills”.

Thhe resource will be launched with year 7 pupils from Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, who are attending a residential course at the Urdd camp in Llangrannog.  Catrin Evans-Thomas siad, “We are delaited to have been invited to Llangrannog to launch this new resource.  The Urdd camp here provides excellent courses and opportunities to develop pupils’ confidence in their Welsh language skills, and doing so in a leisure environment, outside of the classroom.  That is one of our main aims at Peniarth, is to ensure that we provide opportunities for leaners to have fun while they are learning the language”.

The resource pack was developed following receiving funding from the Welsh Government, and is available to download free of charge from the Hwb website.  For more information, please contact us on 01267 676 772.

Recruiting for a Subtitling Course

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Are you interested in subtitling?  If so, why not follow a Postgraduate course on Subtitling at University of Wales Trinity Saint David?

The course is provided by experts, lectures, professional subtitling companies, and broadcasters, and we are keen to recruit individuals who have some previous expereince of translating, and who are considering a career in the area.

For more information, contact Gwen Davies, .


Peniarth at the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny

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Next week, thousands and thousands of people from across Wales will all be traveling to Abergavenny to visit the National Eisteddfod.  And as usual, Canolfan Peniarth will be there all week, holding various and fun activities for all ages in the company of many of our friends, including the DJ & rapper Mr Phormula, and the author Manon Steffan Ros.

As well as a week long programe of activities, Canolfan Peniarth will also be selling books and educational resources, and information will also be available on all our services.

This year, Canolfan Peniarth will be located within University of Wales Trinity Saint David's exhibition tent, so make sure you look for us on the field map! See above a full list of Canolfan Peniarth activities for the week!



New App to help with Welsh Mutations on display at the National Eisteddfod in Monmouthshire

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Canolfan Peniarth will be exhibiting a new, unique app at the National Eisteddfod in Monouthshire this year on University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s exhibition stall.  The main focus of activities on Tuesday 2 August 2016 will be this innovative App, that will be installed and displayed on a 42 inch tablet.  People attending the Eisteddfod on Tuesday will be able to test their ability to mutate accurately, and to see how the app works.

The aim of the app is to help Welsh speakers and learners to check mutations. There are two elements to the app, the first being the search element that includes those words that will cause the immediate word that follows to mutate.  The second element is the revision element and is aimed as a tool to aid revision of the mutation rules.

Since its launch recently, the response for the app has been overwhelmingly positive, with a number of organisations, teachers, students and the general public downloading the app for their daily purposes.  One of those is the Children's Commissioner, Sally Holland. The Commissioner said, "I have to say that I use the app almost every day, especially when I Tweet, as these messages are so public. I have recommended the app to everyone in my team".

Louise Jones was a teacher at Ysgol Gyfun Bro Dinefwr and has been using the app prepare lessons for school children. Louise said, "Ap Treiglo has been a great help to me when trying to write classroom resources in Welsh. The app explains the mutation rules very clearly and is easy to use ".

Jeni Price, Project Manager at Canolfan Peniarth, who led on the development processes of the app said, "Following a successful bid we received funding from the Welsh Government’s Technology and Digital Media Fund to develop this exciting app that will help everyone who communicates in Welsh, whatever their level. Our hope is that it will relieve poeple’s worries and increase their confidence to use Welsh in every aspect of their lives ".

Ap Treiglo is one of five new apps that Canolfan Peniarth has published this year, with three of those apps, including Ap Treiglo, language apps. All of Peniarth’s apps will be displayed on special 42-inch tablet at University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s stand in the Eisteddfid throughout the week where all are welcome to come and experiment.

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